Luck Be a Mindset Tonight

By January 27, 2017Today's Enjoyment

Nautilus always has some interesting reads and this one on how being “lucky” or rather thinking that you are lucky can actually make you more likely to be “lucky” is something worth trying.

An excerpt:
The key to deciding whether an event is lucky or unlucky is the comparison you make between the actual event and the “counterfactual” alternative you’re imagining, Teigen says. The people asking “Why me?” are making an upward comparison to other people who weren’t assaulted or who avoided an accident. The people who feel lucky to have survived are comparing themselves downwardly to people who had a worse fate. Both are valid interpretations, but the downward comparison helps you to hold on to optimism, summon the feel-good emotion of gratitude, and to weave a larger narrative in which you are the lucky protagonist of your life story.

Read the whole lucky story at Nautilus.


*featured image courtesy of Nautilus.

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